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Global Warming Worldwide

Are we affected too… Global warming is one of the biggest issues the modern world is facing. there are multiple reasons for this problem, limitless urbanization development of the industries and not securing our nature (plants and trees ).In the modern agaluminiue, Aluminium became a very important component of our life and playing a vital role in global warming. Aluminium industry’s major goals continue the production of metal in a manner that emits the smallest carbon footprint possible and also prevents nature and our natural resources from fighting against Global warming. Man-made climate change has become an ever more critical issue, and many of the major players in the global aluminum industry have taken the initiative and made great strides in limiting CO2 production in their smelting processes.

The global average of CO2 emissions for both virgin and recycled aluminum is 11.5 tons of CO2 per ton of aluminium approximately. Producers across the world especially in Europe and North America have led the charge in dropping that number. Responsible aluminium production has never been more critical, especially in light of overall CO2 production, which is and continues to be on the rise.

Leading aluminium players in other areas are making promising breakthroughs on technologies and processes that yield ever-cleaner metal. Alcoa Corporation, Apple Inc., and Rio Tinto Group teamed up on a breakthrough process that emits pure oxygen rather than carbon dioxide, eliminating the latter entirely from the production equation. The process, which was formed under the aegis of a joint venture named Elysis, utilizes a proprietary metal to form the anode used in smelting, replacing the carbon currently used for the purpose and therefore removing the element from the chemical equation entirely.

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