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Aluminium Anodizing Colors

Aluminium is one of the most important metal on earth in modern days. No one can deny its value in our modern life style. aluminium in known for its strength , lightness, and weather resistant qualities. untreated aluminium extrusion are preferably adequate for may applications.
There are many reasons to treat the mains server of aluminium profiles. This method includes introducing colors, increase of weather resistance and reflection. It makes aluminium durable, maintainable and sustainable. There are 3 main procedure are common in architecture aluminium profiles. Anodizing , coating, powder coating and wooden texture.

Anodizing coating

Anodizing coating is a basic electro chemical process based on the idea to increase the thickness of the natural oxide on the surface of aluminium profiles. This method provide as many advantages such as a wide range of anodizing colors. It is easy to main an anodizing profiles such as you can clean it with water even.