What are the manufacturing capacities/facilities you have?

Prime Aluminium Industries has the capacity of 600 tons per month.

Are you into exports? Which markets do you export to?

Prime Aluminium Industries products are exported to various countries and its export performance has been registering a healthy growth. . Some of the countries to which Prime Aluminium products are exported to are Afghanistan, & U.A.E. etc.

What is the Aluminium Alloy that you use?

We offer aluminium extrusions in alloys AA_6063 from DUBAL (DUBAI ALUMINIUM).

Can you supply Extrusions in anodized condition?

Yes, we can supply Extrusion Profiles in Multi-Color Anodizing.

Can material be supplied in specific cut lengths?

Yes. Material of any length size of 14, 16, 18 & 21 Rft can be supplied

Which Aluminium alloy is generally used for Architectural Sections?

The most popular alloy used worldwide for Extrusion in Architecture is AA 6063

Are the billets ultrasonically tested?

The billets are ultrasonically tested by Dobal (Dubai Aluminium) and certifications are provided for each lot.

Can we have a catalogue of your range and price list of all sections?

Prime Aluminium’s dies are developed for different applications. The general catalogue & price list is available for all.

What are the benefits of using aluminium in its extruded form?

Aluminium is unmatched in extruding a variety of configurations with desirable combinations of physical properties (AS -1664.1 & Bs-8118). Aluminium extrusions provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, close tolerances, ease of joining, good machinability, and excellent thermal properties. Extrusions can be produced in almost final shape required, thereby reducing wastage.

How do I determine the right aluminium alloy?

Prime Aluminium Industries helps you in choosing the best quality alloy AA-6063 for your specific needs.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminium extrusions are made from solid aluminium cylinders called billets, which are continuously cast from molten aluminium. Billets are available in a wide variety of alloys, pretreatments and dimensions, depending upon the requirements of the manufacturer. The extrusion process involves aluminium metal being forced through a die with a shaped opening. The extrusion process involves aluminium metal being forced through a die with a shaped opening. This is made possible by preheating the billet to 450-500 C and then applying a pressure of between 500 and 700 MPa (equivalent to the pressure found at the bottom of a 60km high water tank!). The heated and softened metal is forced against the container walls and the die by a hydraulic ram, the only exit is the geometric cross-section of the die opening, and the metal is squeezed out. The extrusion leaves the die at a temperature of around 500 C and the exit temperature is carefully controlled in order to achieve specified mechanical properties, a high quality surface finish and good productivity.