• Customer requirements

    Supply the products that satisfy the customer requirements with respect to quality, delivery, service and price.

  • Performance

    Improve the performance of suppliers /subcontractors.

  • Optimize

    Optimize workflows and manufacturing process to reduce defect.

  • Develop

    Develop competent manpower in achieving company goal.


Following the principle of “quality first and client focused”, we always keep the work style of high efficiency, enlightenment and trustworthiness. Promising to provide highquality products and excellent services, we warmly welcome customers, home and abroad, to contact us or visit our factory for investment and cooperation.


Prime aluminium Industries is committed to quality and the achievement of excellence throughout all company activities with the objective of providing our customers the best possible products and service. Prime Aluminium Industries seeks to constantly improve manufacturing processes, testing and measurement techniques, and the overall performance of our quality management system


Through continuous perseverance of Quality Assurance Program, the Company renews its commitment to ensure reliable quality at a competitive price and in turn earn the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Recurrence

    To detect and prevent any non-conformance during production and implement the means to prevent its recurrence

  • Improve techniques

    To upgrade technology and improve techniques, systems, procedures and to carry out continuous innovation to meet changing customers’ needs.

  • Congenial

    To create most congenial and healthy working environment for attainment of quality goals with excellence.

  • Human resources

    To develop highly motivated and skilled human resources imbued with strong sense of values and commitment to quality.


Prime Aluminium Industries strives to accomplish and maintain the finest quality of products in the industry. To achieve this purpose, Company utilizes:

  • Microprocessor

    Ultra modern microprocessor based, PLC controlled extrusion press.

  • Spectrometer

    Computerized Spectrometer for instant metal analysis.

  • Aided die

    Computer aided die manufacturing facilities

  • Govt. of Pakistan

    Well equipped physical, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical testing laboratory and sophisticated R&D Division duly recognized by the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of Pakistan.

The strict adherence to quality to make the products superior and incomparable in the market forms the guiding principle for every Prime Aluminium Industries employee.