Prime Aluminium Industries has high quality aluminium extrusion press by UBE Japan technology having capacity of 600 tons per month, Installed production capacity is 72,00 MT per annum. Prime Aluminium Industries has a most modern tool shop capable of producing high quality & intricate dies backed up by an international quality foundry. Prime Aluminium Industries is a forerunner in installing several technological and modern equipments in order to obtain high quality profiles. The adoption of such modern technology produces highly refined close grained and oxide free logs which provide a superior finish on the extruded sections. Prime Aluminium Industries carries out the following steps to ensure defect free, high quality aluminium extrusions:

  • Billet from DUBAL

    Billet from DUBAL (Dubai Aluminium, U.A.E) the alloy is instantly analyzed using modern direct Reading Optical Emission Spectrometer which ensures that the composition remains within close tolerance, thereby achieving the desired mechanical properties. Each lot is ultrasonically inspected and certified

  • Logs are homogenized

    The logs are homogenized prior to pre-heating them, in order to achieve superior quality, improved finish and uniform grain structure necessary for anodizing and powder coating processes.

  • Dies and tooling

    The dies and tooling used are manufactured by means of latest computerized equipments like Wire Cut Machines, Spark Erosion Machines and several other CNC equipments.

  • Ageing

    Ageing – A T-6 thermal treatment is carried out using a high velocity air oven with precisely controlled temperature that results in uniform properties in the extruded aluminium profiles and gives the maximum tensile strength (35000-Psi).

  • Dimensions of the extruded

    The dimensions of the extruded profiles are checked and ensured by automatic profile inspection & measurement system.

  • Extruded aluminium

    The extruded aluminium profiles are finally handled by PLC controlled conveyor system till they are packed. The identification and traceability of the sections are also taken care of by imprinting the company logo on each package.

  • Prime Aluminium

    Prime Aluminium Industries possesses in-house facilities for developmental research and innovation to pursue the fast paced advanced scientific development


The key benefits of procuring high quality aluminium extrusions from Prime Aluminium Industries are manifold:

  • Light weight

    Prime Aluminium weighing one third the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass and hence becomes easier to handle and transport.

  • Strength

    Prime Aluminium extrusions can be made as strong as the purpose demands yield strength of 30,000 Psi or 21.621 kgf/mm2 or 212.107 N/mm2.

  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio

    The combined property of strength and lightness in aluminium makes it a key ingredient of many industrial applications.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Prime Aluminium provides a natural protective layer against environmental, chemical and physical corrosive agents and hence, can never rust.

  • Heat Conduction

    Prime Aluminium conducts heat better on a cost and weight basis.

  • Electric Conduction

    Prime Aluminium has better conductivity over copper per unit weight and is universally used for power consumption.

  • Wide Acceptance

    Prime Extruded aluminium is widely used in the food packaging and chemical industry

  • Ease of Fabrication

    Prime Aluminium allows the extrusion of almost any shape that can be fabricated using all conventional methods

  • Ease of Assembly Design

    Prime Aluminium extrusions can be designed for easy assembly with other parts and even their surfaces can be mated to match up for easy joining.

  • Join ability

    Welding, Soldering, Brazing are few methods employed to join extrusions. Bolts, rivets, clips and adhesives are also frequently used for this purpose

  • Complex, Integral Shapes

    Custom designed extrusions can be produced in intricate shapes which otherwise, would have to be created joining several individual parts.

  • Uniform Quality

    Prime Aluminium assures reliability and uniformity in quality and hence minimizes rejection rates, corrective fabrication and production downtime.

  • Cost Effective

    The tools used in extrusion are inexpensive as compared to other production methods.

  • Variety of Finish

    A wide array of finishes ranging variety of anodized colors are available. The finish enhances durability and elegance of the product.

  • Identification

    Prime Aluminium extrusions can be identified by the “PRIME” Trade Mark printed with a lot number on each section. Prime Aluminium packages are bar coded for traceability and verification.


The press supplies the force necessary to squeeze the billet through the extrusion die. It consists of:

  • Billet

    The container where the billet is put under pressure.

  • Main cylinder

    The main cylinder with the ram for pushing the billet into the container and through the die

  • Package

    The front platen giving counter support to the die package.

  • Front platen

    The main columns fixing the front platen and the cylinder together.


The process of Homogenizing ensures a uniform distribution of alloying elements, thereby resulting in uniform properties. Being an expensive process, homogenizing is avoided by many extruders in Pakistan

  • Heat and tremendous Pressure

    The heat and tremendous pressure applied on the solid aluminium forces it through the extrusion die opening and gives it a high degree of structural stability

  • Extruded aluminium

    The extruded aluminium profiles are then handled on the PLC controlled conveyor system to prevent any damage to the output

  • Straighten and stabilize

    The products are then stretched in order to straighten and stabilize them, after which they are cut according to the required length.